5 Critical Issues with Using Spreadsheets for Project Delivery

Firms using spreadsheets often face several challenges in terms of data security, scalability, and flexibility of the tool leveraged.

Due to its lack of business-specific tools and templates, managers are leveraging the best project management software to introduce innovative planning and delivery for their portfolios.

1. Lack of scalability

Spreadsheet-based practices are not scalable to modern business needs. They introduce lag in decision making while slowing processes down due to version control, data accuracy, and bulky file sizes.

Information sharing is also significantly impacted when using only spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets also dissuade innovative practices. When teams are focused on using offline spreadsheets for updating tasks, schedules, and budgets, projects can’t be scaled up easily.

A complete project management software is key to long-term scalable development of project scope.

2. Ineffective collaboration tools

A key challenge for project-driven firms is the lack of collaboration capabilities available. Spreadsheets are not dynamic by design, which is why firms need a dedicated cloud-based collaborative environment.

Collaboration is also affected when different files are edited without tracking user profiles.

Updated change logs can’t be maintained when using spreadsheets for business requirements.

Dedicated project management software is key when working in different environments.

3. Not customized for workflows

Spreadsheets are generic business tools that aren’t developed for personalized workflows. Firms need the right project management software that is optimized for business requirements.

Spreadsheet templates can’t fully capture the dynamic requirements of finance, budgeting, auditing, etc.

Adding new features to project management software solutions is also easier than building new templates on spreadsheets.

Managers can also gain a central dashboard where they can dynamically track multiple projects across the entire portfolio landscape.

4. Issues with consistent maintenance

Another important issue with using spreadsheets long-term is the bulkier file sizes that get generated.

If you have a master spreadsheet with workflows within it, then updating it, cleansing it, and maintaining it will be a challenge for thousands of rows and columns.

Separating different sheets into unique files will make the process more challenging as well. The best way is to get the right project management software to streamline data management.

5. Lack of robust security tools

When leveraging standard solutions such as spreadsheets and local documents, cybersecurity is a key risk.

For planning and delivery optimization, cybersecurity tools need to be embedded to prevent data leaks and information loss.

The best project management software in India will provide built-in tools for IAM, encryption, and access rules, to ensure data protection.

Data governance tools will also be made available to prevent unauthorized access to information.

In conclusion

Enterprises can benefit from transitioning away from spreadsheets for managing business processes.

Planning, delivery, and quality control can be streamlined with the right sets of tools, offered by the leading project management software solutions.

Transform your project execution capabilities with the right project management solution.

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