Why Enterprises Need a Dedicated Task Management Tool in Project Management

Aarav Singh
3 min readOct 21, 2022

Enterprises need task management tools to ensure that projects are being executed in a timely manner.

The centralization of tracking and task management also introduces greater transparency, accountability, and alignment with milestone achievement.


Firms need the right project management solution with the right task-tracking tools so that they’re able to stay on course with delivery.

Additionally, task management tools within dedicated project tracking software enable teams to streamline delivery.

Core milestones can be charted, with all project resources integrated for assignment, tracking, and updating.

Firms can support their resources on tasks that are delayed, as well as provide the right data to help facilitate execution.

The role of task management tools in project management

The primary role of a comprehensive task management solution is to centralize task assignment, tracking, and collaboration.

Resources can be instantly assigned a list of tasks, as well as detailed KRAs, metrics, and assessment protocols.

Teams can internally update managers through task management tools, which reduces the risk of lack of transparency.

Through task-based project tracking software, various tasks across the portfolio can be tracked synchronously.

Benefits of using a comprehensive task manager

There are several benefits of using a dedicated task management system for projects, which can enable managers to have better control over workflows.

Task information can be tracked better with a dedicated task management tool within a project management system.

Auditing, monitoring, and updating tasks can be easily done with the right task management tool.

Another key benefit of a comprehensive task manager is the standardization of tasking. Key planning, delivery, cost, and operational tasks can be standardized and scaled up with the right tool.

There is a limited need for secondary tools that may not be able to provide a standardized experience for all users.

How to select the right task management solution

Enterprises can focus on the following decision criterion when reviewing various task management tools available to them.

1. List of features offered — Project task management tools with features such as task tracking, workflows, flagging, and data sharing, should be preferred over single-use tools.

2. Collaboration tools within the solution — Communication and collaboration tools available within the task tracking solution should be vital to execution.

3. Scalability of task management tool — Task management solutions should be scalable to handle multiple projects within a portfolio, along with dozens of users across a remote network.

4. Reporting and data analytics — Having the right analytics capabilities to track hundreds of tasks centrally is key. Real-time reporting and data visualization tools should also be available to managers.

In conclusion

The right task management tools can transform how enterprises optimize project processes, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

All tasks can be tracked synchronously across functions, giving managers the right tools to update and initiate action in a highly agile manner.

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